Recreating Paradise (The Woods)

I recently moved to a city.  From the country.  Yes.  What a silly thing to do, you say.  You are shaking your head, I know!  Everyone wants to LEAVE the big bad city, the traffic, the pollution, the noise, the fast pace, the STRESS!  They want to have cottages in places like the town I […]


“Yes, that’s good.” I glance at his placement of the tracing paper. “Let’s do it.” He motions me to lie down on the bed, more like a designer hospital gurney. Fitting really. But after this is done I will rise and walk away from it.   My best friend wasn’t so lucky. She had lain in […]

The Piano Lesson

The whole house was dimly lit. The far corners of the only room I was allowed access to were shadowy with mystery. It was always this way, and I always felt the same way. Tense and fearful. I sat perfectly still on her piano bench, trapped between the heavy gold drapes that hung to my […]