Second thoughts about my hometown~

I was in Huntsville this past weekend – I know, I know I have to go up again this coming weekend too – but there is just too much going on there these days to miss out on.

Initially my only reason for  making the trip was to take in the concert Friday night at the Algonquin Theatre, the piano duo Anagnoson & Kinton, who were both fantastic and educational.  But my mom began to suggest other events I could squeeze in (probably just to get me to stay longer :)).  So the next day we dropped into the church where short 45 minute Music at Noon performances were being put on.  How nice is that for the town to have continual entertainment?  “Refresh your body and spirit with a mid-day musical offering” the flyer announces.  In the heart of downtown Huntsville.  In the middle of tourist hustle and bustle.  You can just pop in and unexpectedly be swept away.  I was very lucky to have seen and heard the wonderful and magical Sarah Spring & Amanda Penner, piano and violin, and Sarah’s brother Tobin on the electric guitar.

The rest of the summer in Huntsville promises a great line-up of performers at the Algonquin.  Artists such as Molly Johnson, Colin James, Harry Manx, George Canyon, Chantal Kreviazuk – COME ON! Meaford has NOTHING this year!  It makes me want to move back to Huntsville!  I grumbled for years about the way Huntsville was changing too much, it was too busy now, there are too many people, too many big stores…I used to live there in the 70’s and early 80’s and travel back regularly to visit my parents, every time I’d come up there would be something new, and therefore something awful.  When the Tastee Cream got torn down THAT WAS THE LAST STRAW!  I was glad I didn’t live there anymore.

I wandered around the sunny streets of Huntsville this time and noticed a well developed town that offers something everywhere you look.  Fabulous new restaurants, the dock, the water, shopping, concerts, free entertainment, and this coming weekend I will get to be in it all over again as I write in the Muskoka Novel Marathon.   Nutty Chocolatier HERE I COME!!!